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The HLS Membership Site Skeleton

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I Want To Hook You Up With Our HLS Membership Site Skeleton As A Free BONUS When You Purchase ScriptDoll Through Our Link!

I firmly believe that Script Doll is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your arsenal because it simplifies the most important part of your marketing, THE SALES COPY.

Script Doll is an amazing software tool that writes your sales copy FOR YOU by leveraging multi million dollar sales copy templates written by SuperHero Copy Writers!

You create a profile,  enter a few details about your product, press a button and BOOM. Sales copy galore! ...Yeah, seriously dude...  "GALORE."  - This thing doesn't just spit out a generic sales page template. Script Doll writes your sales copy in a WIDE array of angles, sales pages, funnel pages, JV page copy, EMAIL templates...  it goes on and on. You enter the details once and BOOM this intuitive software does the rest!

I absolutely LOVE starting with Script Doll whenever I sit down to write copy. I can tweak it as I like but no more staring at a blank word processor document trying to come up with clever sales copy ideas. Script Doll does the heavy lifting FOR YOU.

Purchase ScriptDoll Through Our Link Below And You'll Get Our 36 Page Membership Site Template For Free!

YES! I Want This Bonus Now!

This membership site skeleton will ONLY work on OP2.
Please note that our bonus does not include OP2 it is a website template built FOR Op2.

Fully Customizable OP2 Membership Site

We've created this entire website theme using the Optimize Press 2 responsive theme and all of the pages have been laid out in the same exact way that we use them in our own membership sites. We've inserted placeholder images and text to maintain the layout form so that you can easily just replace our material with similarly sized items of your own.  The website is already set up to use Wishlist Member but you will have to enter your own License key.

36 Site Pages, Error Pages, Legal Pages...

This is a ROBUST website and it's excellent for training courses, drip feeding, streaming media or delivering downloadable items such as plugins and software zip files. The media pages already contain streamable players and sample recordings for you to base your own arrangement on. Just replace our media links with your own and your ready to rock and roll. The Skeleton uses a brown header, keep it as is or create any color palette design you wish. We've even supply legal pages and error pages!

Step by Step Installation Guide

Your HLS Skeleton template comes complete with a step by step installation and customization video. This is not a flimsy little 3 minute walk through, this video is a THOROUGH explanation of how the template works. You'll learn how to deploy your skeleton from A to Z and Omar also covers the basics on how to start modifying the skeleton to suit your needs. First he'll outline the basics for you and then you'll watch over his shoulder as he deploys and configures the clone onto a brand new website.

This membership site skeleton will ONLY work on OP2.
Please note that our bonus does not include OP2 it is a website template built FOR Op2.


Extremely Time Sensitive

YES! I Want This Bonus Now!


To claim this bonus please submit a ticket to our support desk. Simply copy and paste your receipt for your “Scriptdoll” purchase into your ticket . Please use the subject line “SCRIPTDOLL BONUS.” Once we verify the purchase you will receive a password to access to the bonus JV Page template.


PLEASE NOTE: This bonus does not include the Optimize Press theme or the Wishlist Member Plugin. The Skeleton template has already been configured to work with OP2 and Wishlist but you will have to paste in your own license keys. This bonus is an incentive for those of  you that actually BUY Script Doll through our link. Buy is not the same as "try", for obvious reasons we will only award the bonus to those that have paid in full for Script Doll.


We stand behind our products and our affiliates 110%. Our main focus is to do everything in our power to make our affiliates look like heroes in the eyes of their customers.DualSigsXpt