Are you struggling to make real money online?

Is Your Online Business Kicking Your Ass?

There’s no need to go at it alone when you can work directly with me.

Only apply if you are SERIOUS about building a REAL ONLINE BUSINESS!

I know how you feel Devin!
I've been there myself.

Building an Automated Information Marketing Business online can be a real pain in the ass if you let it.

What good is having all the information you need available to you without having clear direction as to what to do with it? Just figuring out what tools to use can drive you nuts and get you nowhere fast.

Look, if you’re serious about building a real online business there’s no need to go at it alone. I can help you finally start making the money you deserve online.

I have personally made millions of dollars online, and I know exactly what it takes to get it done. My wife and I have documented the entire process and we've got the proven step-by-step program to help you do the same.

We've helped many students go from making nothing online to building a real solid online business. Stop struggling, it’s time to start making the money you deserve.

Look, if you’re serious about building a real online business there’s no need to go at it alone. I can help you finally start making the money you deserve online.

If someone offers coaching with no proof, RUN !

Seriously, the only way you know you are getting the best coaching available is by seeing, success stories, testimonials. I don’t say this to brag but people are literally knocking on my door asking me to coach them.

Check out below some of my awesome students who started as beginners and created awesome success from my flagship program. Many of our members have become massively successful marketers with thriving online businesses, as a direct result of my training and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.

Case Study #1 Trevor McHaffie


Case Study #2 Sophia Mugnani

Here's What Some Of Our Students Are Saying

Gail Brisco

“I think the best thing about working with Omar is that he takes you right from the beginning right through to the end, pulling together all of the pieces, the tips, the tricks, everything that you need to know in order to create a really great quality product.”

“Do it, don’t even hesitate”

Jeff Caravantes

“I’ve had an Incredible experience working with Omar and Melinda. The Program leaves nothing out and the value is amazing. It’s really Important to find a Mentor that you connect with and you really can’t ask for better Mentors than Omar and Melinda.”

“It’s Awesome”

Brian Wilson

“At first I was constantly chasing the next shiny object and Omar and Melinda stopped me and got me focussed on one thing only which was to get me to the next level. I’ve been working all by myself and now not only am I working with the top Mentors available but I’m also in a community surrounded by like minded people going through the same process as me.

It’s simply the best decision I have ever made in my life”

Just Imagine Working One On One With Me.

Picture this, firing up your laptop every day picking up exactly where you left off the day before knowing that every step that you take is the right one to make with the peace of mind that if you have any questions at anytime, you’re able to pick up the phone and speak to me directly to keep you moving forward to your goal.

My Proven One on One Coaching Program can give you the direction that you need to overcome any roadblocks that are having and get you to launch faster than you ever would alone.

What this program is NOT

  • It is NOT a magic button that is going to make you a millionaire like me right away
  • It is NOT a PLR Product that you can just put your name on and start selling
  • You will NOT be making $30000+ within 30 days
  • It will NOT Guarantee you Online Success

What this program WILL require

  • This Program WILL require Dedication, Action Taking and The Correct Mindset
  • This Program WILL require an Investment of Time and Money
  • This Program WILL require Risk to be able to adapt to doing it the right way
  • This Program WILL require a minimum of 10 hours per week

Just Some Of The Things Our Students Get:

  1. One on one coaching to break through the barriers.
  2. My step by step modular training to develop & launch your own info product.
  3. Live weekly and monthly Q & A group calls with the HLS team.
  4. A done for you high converting Affiliate Page and recruitment email blast to all of our partners.
  5. A broadcast promotion to my entire list of customers & subscribers for your product.
  6. Your own fully loaded money pulling OP2 membership site done for you by our
    expert team and Unlimited use of our templates & proven processes.
    And Much Much More!

Would We Work Well Together, ?  Lets find out.

I must warn you that slots are extremely limited and we do not let just anyone in. We are looking for our next success story and know what it takes to become one which is why you need to take the first step and APPLY NOW to see if we are potentially a good fit to work together.

BUT WAIT, before that you need to be able to prove to me that you understand what it is we are looking to do here which is why BEFORE YOU EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION to work with me, you must go through the Video Training I have put together.

So if you think you have what it takes then you need to attend this FREE session, and once you have completed it you’ll find out what you need to do next if you want to work with me.

Yes Omar, I do want to be considered
for a placement in your exclusive One on One Coaching and Mentoring Program.

I understand that this program is not a get rich quick scheme and
it is going to require an investment of time and money to make my online business a Success.

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